For all our sanity, we have divided this section into three distinct categories:
Buying and Selling Parts
Customer Care and Improvements.


You can list anything automotive related on  If you are unsure, our friendly staff will always assist you.  You can get hold of them on email

No, unfortunately no contact or personal information are allowed when uploading a product for sale. All products will be amended or deleted if any personal contact information is noticed.  If you have any questions you can contact us on:

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to list a product.  All you need to do is complete the registration on and you will be able to list your item or items you would like to sell.

Tips: Remember to add as much detail as possible about the item you would like to sell and include photos.  It is always a great idea to let the buyers know in what condition the item is that you would like to sell.  Don’t forget that your will need to make provision for or very low 5% success fee when considering the Price of the item listing.  All Items are to be include VAT.

We tried to make it easier for people to find your listed part by asking you for some additional information regarding the part – example which vehicle it is applicable to, so that customers can make sure they are buying the correct part and to ensure customer satisfaction; please be patient and complete all the fields we have asked for.

Registration and listing are free to all our registered users.  You only pay a 5% success fee once there is a successful sale of your listed product.  The success fee we charge are including VAT (refer to our T’s & C’s for more detail) Please remember our process: Customer Buys Part, Customer Pays Us, Supplier arranges delivery, We confirm successful delivery, We Pay You less our fee.

If you do not know what the part number is of the product you are selling, you are more than welcome to create a part number (SKU / Part Number) of your own, especially if you have multiple items you would like to list.

Tip:  We suggest that when listing your item for sale, get as much information as possible like what the market value is of the product, what vehicle it is for etc.

We have catered for 5 photos to be uploaded to each item so that it would make it easier for the buyer to make a firm decision to purchase your item.

Tip: Make sure the photos are clear enough and at a good angle – Use your inner photography skills, we know you have it. It is recommended to use a well-lit, light background to bring out the detail of the product on your photo’s. Photo formats acceptable are jpg, png.

To buy an item, you would need to register on  From there, you can browse the site and once you have found what you are looking for, add it to your shopping basket.  You can add as many items as you wish to your shopping basket.

Once you are satisfied with all that you need, simply complete the order by checking out.  This will create a unique order tracking number for you to use as reference to track your order as well as payment reference.

For more information or assistance, you can contact

Heck yeah you can!  You can add as many items to you shopping basket as you like.

Once you are happy that you have all that you need, complete your order by checking out. A unique reference number will be provided to you to confirm your order as well as a confirmation email.  This reference number will be needed when making payment to buymyparts holding company Professional Parts (Pty) Ltd.

For your protection you can make payment via EFT or old school cash deposit.

Our banking details are:

Professional Parts (Pty) Ltd

First National Bank

Account Number: 62746795684

Branch number:250655

Account type:  Business Cheque


Tip:  If you are making a payment from another banking institution, it may take up to 48 hours for it to reflect in our account.  Once we receive notification that the funds have cleared, we will notify you via email that payment has been successful and arrange with the supplier to arrange delivery of your items to you.

Once we have received notification that the funds have cleared, your will receive an email notification that we have received the funds and that your order will be shipped.

We encourage that the shipping of your products be between you and the supplier of goods.  The reason for this is that it is very difficult to gauge what the cost of shipment will be for each item.  By doing this, you then have the option to use your own couriers or make use of the supplier’s couriers or collect the items yourself directly from the supplier!

If there is a cost, this will need to be negotiated and payment will be directly to the supplier.

We try to be one step ahead of you and will ask you whether you are happy with the items your have purchased before we release payment to the supplier.  If you are unhappy, we will notify the supplier immediately and find a resolution that is favourable for all parties.

Tip:  When purchasing items on our portal make sure you have read and understand the information that has been loaded to the item. An example would be: “VW Polo 1.6 2002 Engine Complete – Rebuild” This will be an indication of the type of engine you would be buying and whether it would have a guarantee, warranty or return policy attached to it.


We designed a function to help businesses advertise their services and also assist everyone in finding the correct expert to work on their vehicle. As a customer, you can browse this section and look for a business that specializes in a specific section of automotive service (example: Glass Fitment Centres). We will return the listed businesses on our site and we will rank them based on previous feedback received. Here you can get in touch with the business and arrange a booking – there is no cost involved in finding a business and arranging an appointment or getting in touch with them.

We encourage all businesses to register with us but please be aware that there is a 1-year subscription fee payable before your business will be listed in the “Find a Mackie” Section. You are encouraged to register on the site and then go to the find-a-mackie section where you can either request to register online by completing the application form or downloading it, completing it and getting in touch with us via

Tip: Remember to send us your logo and also indicate which vehicle brands you work with if applicable but most importantly, we would like to know where you are and what you specialize in.

Our current pricing for registering on Find a Mackie is as follows: R1500 (Incl) per branch, per year, payable upon registration. We will send you a renewal request at the end of your 12-month subscription and verify if you would like to extend for another year.

Note! We will not automatically renew your subscription under any circumstances, nor will we request additional payments during the year.

Tip: The R1500 fee we charge is an upfront, non-refundable payment for an entire year, we do not have monthly subscription charges at all.

We have built a unique search engine that will rate Mackies based on previous customer feedback. The rating-scale works from 5 – Excellent to 1 – Poor. When a user searches for a specialist, your rating will determine where in the search results your business is listed.

Tip: Remember to always ask your customers to go and rate you on the site – the more ratings you receive, the better your location on the search results!

We designed the rating function with two things in mind: Fair play and good business and we encourage our users to go and rate the experience from the Mackie, this will assist in promoting their business and generate trust when dealing with a service provider. In order to rate a Mackie, you need to be logged in and have used the Mackie’s services. You can then go to the find a Mackie section and you can give them a rating from 5 being excellent to 1 being poor.

Don’t worry we have thought of you too! Every Mackie that is registered with us, will start with a default rating of 3 (average). As soon as the first customer rates your business, we will start calculating an average rating for your business which will move you up-or-down the list depending on how you were rated. Remember to encourage your customers to go and rate your service as it will help your listing!

We understand that not all customers can be happy all the time and not all suppliers can satisfy all customer’s requests. If you as a business are unhappy with the ratings received, you are welcome to get in touch with us at and request a report.

We will give you a detailed report indicating which users gave you a negative rating and you are then encouraged to address it directly with the unsatisfied customer. If you feel that the customer is treating you unfairly, we will contact the client and mediate. If it is found that client was being unreasonable or that the rating granted was unfairly allocated, we have the ability to review or in extreme circumstances, remove the rating.

Tip: The rating system was designed and built to garner trust and encourage fair business, as such we will not hesitate to cancel subscriptions if we find that either party is being unfairly treated, please refer to the T’s and C’s for more detail.

You are welcome to de-register your business at any time during the year of subscription, but please note the subscription fee paid is non-refundable so we would recommend that you complete the year and simply not renew at the end of the term to optimize your advertising spend.

We feel we have put a lot of thought into the categorization of businesses under the find-a-mackie section, if you feel that one of the categories do not clearly describe your unique business, you are welcome to get in touch with us through and request the addition of a category for you. Please be aware that in order for users to effectively find you, the category needs to make sense from a public perspective but don’t worry we will discuss this with you!

First of all, thankyou for registering your business with us! You will notice while completing the application form, we requested your bookings-clerk’s contact details as well as your details. All of this will be available on the website where a client can request a booking from you by completing the online booking form or contact you telephonically.

We have designed a detailed dashboard available to all registered mackies where you can see detailed reports of number of views, number of unique requests and all information relevant to advertising with us. The graph will show you number of views as well as unique views. It is important to know the difference: “unique views” will be where a new user viewed your business and “views” will be the total number of times your details were viewed.


We encourage our users to provide us with awesome tips to improve the portal.  This site was created for you, with you in mind and would like to make it the best site for you as possible.

Tip:  When making a suggestion, please remember to add where on the site you suggest the change to happen with as much detail as possible.  We may be able to upgrade the site with your super suggestion almost immediately or it may take some development work.

There are a few different ways you can contact customer care:

You can use the contact us page on our website

You can email them directly

If you would like to report any abuse on our site, please contact and provide us with as much information as possible.